Template:Transparency Report/nan

This page is a translated version of the page Template:Transparency Report and the translation is 100% complete.
Uikimitia Ki-kim-huē Thiò-bîng-tōo Pò-kò
Uikimitia Ki-kim-huē Thiò-bîng-tōo Pò-kò

Sóo-ū thiò-bîng-tō Pò-kò

Kah ún-su siong-kuan ê WMF Tsìng-tshik



{{Transparency Report|year=June 2015}}

(automatically appears in page language; using {{TNT}} explicitly is optional and no longer needed)

The example renders as above the documentation.


Each page calls Template:Transparency Report/layout, where are defined the style and translatable elements.

Create new translation:

For creating new translation please use link above languages list.

Default year setting

If left blank, the year setting will default to Template:Transparency Report/Current year.

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