Template:The Wikipedia Library/Kit/Navigation

This is the Wikipedia Library Navigational box as part of the kit for setting up new branches. The template is built using Template:Navbox, which appears in over 200 languages. Here are the groups that we think are useful for most Wikipedia Library Branches:

  • Partners - this group is for donations of journals, databases or other resources. In English Wikipedia's branch, organizing donations is a key task. If your branch does not focus on donations of access, you do not need to include this section.
  • Resources - this group is for resources related to the Wikipedia Library's mission of getting access to research materials: Do you have a resource exchange? Reference desk? Some other research guides? Share those in this section.
  • WikiProjects- in this group we recommend sharing WikiProjects related to the mission of resource and other forms of access.
  • Outreach - in this group we recommending include efforts to reach out to other organizations, such as GLAM or universities
  • Get Involved - we recommend using this group to highlight opportunities for participation, whether through access donations or some other volunteer roles.

Some languages also choose to translate or adapt a navbox like this to show available partnerships: