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Вы собираетесь создать новую заявку на поддержку путешествия и участия!

Please tell us a bit about the event, and your plans for active participation.

Шаг 1. Основная информация

  • In the edit box below, please enter the requested information for event location, website, and dates. For example:

|location=Cairo, Egypt

  • Please also tell us the total amount of funds you need, your home country, and briefly summarize what you plan to do at the event. For example:

|amount=200 USD

  • You can come back to adjust this information later, so just get the basic details in for now :)

Шаг 2. Предполагаемое участие

Scroll down a bit further. In the space provided, please explain how you plan to participate. How will your active participation at the event further the Wikimedia Mission?

Шаг 3. Цели и ожидаемый эффект

Identify your goals for participating in the event. What will be accomplished if your participation is successful?

Шаг 4. Разбивка бюджета

Tell us how you plan to spend your budget.

  • Please list each travel and participation cost for which you need support, specify the currency, and any notes needed to explain your costs.
  • We can send funds via Western Union, bank wire-transfer, or in some cases Paypal. If you are having funds wired to your bank account, you may wish to include a request for covering your bank fees.

Шаг 5. Другие инструкции

If you need us to send you the funds before your event rather than afterwards, please note that in the section provided for other instructions. You can also tell us if you'd like our travel agents to book your flights directly for you in this section.

Шаг 6. Сохраните страницу

Press Save page and you've created your application. Congratulations!

Шаг 7.

One last step! Email participation(_AT_)wikimedia.org to notify the Participation Support Committee that your application is ready for review.


  • Although English is the preferred language for requests, you are welcome to submit your request in any language and we can work with you to have it translated for readers.
  • Words between "<!--" and "-->" in the edit window will not show up on your saved page.