You can use the following keywords to refine the search results:
quotes ("") Search for the exact phrase.
AND Search for two expressions (the default setting; use manually between two strings in quotation marks).
OR Search for any of the two expressions.
minus (-) Exclude pages that contain the word directly preceded by the minus (should be preceded by a space if used in the middle of the query).
asterisk (*) Used at the end of the word as a wildcard.
tilde (~) If used at the beginning of the query, it prevents jumping to the search result afterwards.
At the end of the word, it enables "fuzzy search": the results will contain words that are similar in spelling.
intitle: Search only in page titles.
prefix: Search only on pages with titles beginning with the specified words. This instruction should be at the end of the search query.
incategory: Search only for pages in the specified category.
linksto: Search only on pages that link to the specified page.
hastemplate: Search only on pages that contain the specified template.
insource: Search in wikitext, and not in the text rendered in the browser.

AND, OR and - (minus) can be used along with keywords.

When searching for a phrase with "intitle:", "incategory:", etc., put it in quotation marks.

A comprehensive list of keywords with examples

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Template documentation

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