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Resolution passed Resolution passed

Documentação da predefinição


By default
{{Resolution passed}}

Resolution passed Resolution passed

Custom message
{{Resolution passed|Test 123}}

Resolution passed Test 123

See also

Inline icon templates by shape and color

Any of the following inline, comment-level templates can be converted into {{Resolved}}-style hatnotes by using {{Resbox}} to put a box around the icon and text.

Black check marks
Already done {{Already done}}
Yellow check marks
 Partly done {{Partly done}}
IP blocked IP blocked {{IPblock}}
YesY {{Yellow tick}}
Green check marks
 Confirmed {{Confirmed}}
 Checked {{Checked}}
Concluído {{Done}}
Endorsed Endorsed {{Endorsement}}
 Technically indistinguishable {{Tallyho}}
OK OK {{OK}}
Resolution passed Resolution passed {{Resolution passed}}
Green tickY {{Check mark}}
YesY {{Tick}}
Green tickY {{Aye}}
Blue check marks
Fixed {{Fixed}}
Reverted Reverted {{Reverted}}
Cross marks
Not done {{Not done}}
Not fixed {{Not fixed}}
Not OK Not OK {{NotOK}}
Resolution failed Resolution failed {{Resolution failed}}
Unnecessary Unnecessary {{Unnecessary}}
Unrelated Unrelated {{Unrelated}}
NoN {{Cross}}
Red XN {{Nay}}
Red XN {{X mark big}}
Minus sign
 Declined {{Decline}}
Oppose Denied {{Denied}}
 No comment with respect to IP address(es) {{Ncip}}
 No comment with respect to IP address(es) {{No comment IP}}
Remove Remove {{Remove}}
Removed Removed {{Removed}}
Oppose Oppose {{Oppose}}
Strong oppose {{Strong oppose}}
Weak oppose {{Weak oppose}}
Plus sign
Added Added {{Added}}
 Almost done {{Almost done}}
Likely Likely {{Likely}}
Support Support {{Support}}
support Moral support {{Moral support}}
Strong support Strong support {{Strong support}}
 Weak support {{Weak support}}
Works for me {{Works for me}}
Endorsed Clerk endorsed {{Endorse}}
Inconclusive Inconclusive {{Inconclusive}}
Needs updating Needs updating {{Needupdating}}
Neutral sign
Neutral Neutral {{Neutral}}
 Delisted {{Delisted}}
Doing... {{Doing}}
Em andamento… {{Inprogress}}
On hold {{OnHold}}
Running… {{Running}}
Pending {{Tobedone}}
Trabalhando Aguardando {{Waiting}}
Wait Wait {{Wait}}
Exclamation mark
Note Note : {{TakeNote}}
Clerk note Clerk note: {{Clerknote}}
Comment Comment {{Comment}}
Information mark
 Note: {{Note2}}
Question mark
Doubtful It is doubtful {{Doubtful}}
Question Question: {{Question}}
MoreInfo Additional information needed {{MoreInfo}}
Not done for now {{Not done for now}}
Question? {{Qmark}}
Light bulb iconB {{Bulb}}
Thank you very much!Thank you very much! {{Thank you}}
winkThanks! {{Thanks}}
Thumb sign
Thumbs up {{Thumbs up}}
👍Like {{Like}}


Applause Applause {{Applause}}
 It looks like a duck to me {{Duck}}
 Watch out for a fake duck {{Duck fake}}
copy Duplicate proposal {{DuplicateProposal}}
@Example: {{Reply to}}
Yes Sent {{Sent}}
In discussion {{In discussion}}
Locked Locked {{Locked}}
Moved {{Moved}}


{{Thrown out}}
Request withdrawn {{Withdrawn}}
Relisted Relisted {{Relisted}}
Completed Completed {{Completed}}
Possible Possible {{Possible}}
Unlikely Unlikely {{Unlikely}}
Deferred Deferred to {{Deferred}}
More More: {{More}}
WTF? WTF? {{wtf}}
Closed Closed {{Closing}}
 On hold {{On hold}}
Stale {{Stale}}
 Behavioural evidence needs evaluation {{Behaviour}}
8ball The CheckUser Magic 8-Ball says {{8ball}}
Crystalball CheckUser is not a crystal ball {{Crystalball}}
Fishing CheckUser is not for fishing {{Fishing}}
Pixiedust CheckUser is not magic pixie dust {{Pixiedust}}
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ {{Shrug}}

Multi-sign templates

  • {{Icon}} – multipurpose inline icon and comment template
  • {{Smiley}} – used for informal communication purposes