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Dokumentacja szablonu


{{resolution info/AffCom|status=|yes=|no=|abstention=|noncast=|date=|year=|afftype=}}

  • status=: the status of the resolution; accepted values: yes, passed, accepted, rejected no, failed, not accepted, unknown, and an arbitrary status of your choosing if you don't like those ones
  • yes=: number of "yes" votes
  • no=: number of "no" votes [optional]
  • abstention=: number of "abstain" votes [optional]
  • noncast=: number of votes not cast in time [optional]
  • date=: date of the resolution vote - D Month YYYY [required]
  • year=: if an affiliation approval - year of the approval (for category creation) [optional]
  • afftype=: if an affiliation approval - type of affiliation - chapter / thematic organization / Wikimedia user group - used for category creation - must be capitalized as displayed and include year value as well to work properly [optional]