Template:Random subpage

Template:Random subpage/2

Template documentation


Transcludes a random subpage of a specified base page (where subpages are named using a subrange of integers)

Optional parametersEdit

  • 1=page : name of the base page to transclude (the default value is empty: use a subage of the current page).
  • 2=start : (integer) number of the first subpage (the default value is 1).
  • 3=end : (integer) number of the last subpage (the default value is 2).
  • 4 =seed : (integer) number used to return a different random number, when there are multiple transclusion of this template on the current page (the default value depends on current day of the year and is mostly static)..
  • 5 = prime : (integer) an odd prime number (at least 3) which can be set to generate independant sequences of pseudo-random numbers on pages that need independant lists of items (the default value is 67).

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