This page is a translated version of the page Template:Proposed and the translation is 100% complete.


  • type specifies what the proposal is for, and replaces "project, policy, guideline, or process" verbatim.
  • status switches between specific statuses (if 'development', 'discussion', or 'consensus' is given), or otherwise replaces the status verbatim.
  • discussionpage is the location of the discussion/consensus gathering exercise; default is the talk page. Typically overridden when the discussion is held at RFC.
  • notes adds a note or comment below the main text.


{{proposed|type=something}}     = "This is a proposed something."
{{proposed|status=development}} = "The proposal is in development."
{{proposed|status=discussion}}  = "The proposal is under discussion."
{{proposed|status=consensus}}   = "The proposal is in the process of gathering consensus..."
{{proposed|status=whatever}}    = "The proposal is whatever."
{{proposed|notes=Deep thoughts.}}    = "Deep thoughts."


{{proposed}} = Categorized under Category:Policy proposals
{{proposed|category=[[Category:Whatever]]}} = [[Category:Whatever]] is included in the page
{{proposed|category=whatever}} = whatever is included in the page
{{proposed|discussionpage=Page}} = Links to the page where the discussion is going on.