Template:Navigation tabs

Template documentation

Usage edit

  • iconN: filename (without File: prefix) of icon to use to represent menu item
  • typeN: can be used instead of filename to refer to a standard icon type
  • labelN: full text and link of menu item
  • theme: (optional) sets the theme of the navigation header. Can be "blue-theme" (default) or "gray-theme"
  • leadtab-label: (optional) define a leadtab label, and the leadtab will be displayed as the first item in the navigation header
  • leadtab-icon: (optional) provide an icon for the leadtab, and it will be displayed alongside the leadtab label
{{Navigation tabs
| type1         =  discuss
| label1        =  [[Wikipedia talk:Vaccine safety|Talk Page]]
| icon2         =  Font Awesome 5 solid info-circle.svg
| label2        =  [[Wikipedia:Vaccine safety/Sources|Sources]]
| theme         =  gray-theme
| leadtab-label =  [[Wikipedia:Vaccine safety|Main Page]]
| leadtab-icon  =  Font Awesome 5 solid home.svg