Template:Metrics dashboard

Template documentation

This template invokes Module:Metrics dashboard's "list" function and uses Template:Metrics dashboard/styles.css to format it less like a list and more like a dashboard.

Usage edit

The parameters accepted are figureN-value and figureN-label, where N is the number of the dashboard item in order. Additionally, you can provide a footer and last-updated parameter. Use a bot parameter to show the bot's username in the footer.

{{Metrics dashboard
|footer=Some additional information
|bot=Bot username
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  • 13.5%improvement

Parameters edit

  • figureN-value: The value of the dashboard item at index N.
  • figureN-label: The label of the dashboard item at index N.
  • footer: (Optional) Additional information displayed at the bottom left of the dashboard.
  • last-updated: (Optional) A timestamp indicating when the dashboard was last updated. Displayed at the bottom right of the dashboard.

N should be a positive integer, and you can create as many dashboard items as needed by incrementing the index.