The following gives the parameter meanings...

bgcolor 0 for light, 1 for dark, any other value passes through unchanged, default is light ("#f9f9f9")
user user name (convert spaces to underscores to make URLs work)
is_admin yes to highlight in green, crat to highlight it in orange
wiki_type w: wikipedia v: wikiversity q: wikiquote b:wikibooks s:wikisource n:wikinews m: meta (not completely working) c: commons (not completely working) defaults to wikipedia
want_counter yes to use interiot's tool2 counter (has to be installed there)
lang_name name of language (English, German, Farsi, etc)
lang_code the 2 or 3 letter code for language (en,de,fa, etc)
main_page_title name that the main page is known by (Main page, Haupteseite, etc)


The following code:

{| class="toccolours" style="margin: 0 1em 0 1em;" width="95%"
! align="center" style="background:#ccccff" | Host Wiki
! align="center" style="background:#ccccff" | User Page
! align="center" style="background:#ccccff" | User Talk
! align="center" style="background:#ccccff" | Contributions
! align="center" style="background:#ccccff" | Logs
! align="center" style="background:#ccccff" | Counts
<!-- end header section -->
|wiki_type=w|lang_name=English|lang_code=en|want_counter=yes|main_page_title=Main Page}}
{{Matrix|bgcolor=lightgreen|user=Lar|is_admin=no |wiki_type=q|lang_name=German|lang_code=de|want_counter=no|main_page_title=Haupteseite}}
{{Matrix|bgcolor=1|user=Lar|is_admin=crat |wiki_type=c|lang_name=English|lang_code=en|want_counter=no|main_page_title=Main Page}}


Host Wiki User Page User Talk Contributions Logs Counts Info
English (en:) Wikipedia (Main Page) User:Lar User talk:Lar Contribs Logs Tool2 Page
German (de:) Wikiquote (Haupteseite) User:Lar User talk:Lar Contribs Logs n/a
English (en:) Commons (Main Page) User:Lar User talk:Lar Contribs Logs n/a