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This template is useful to create a link to a multi-language page, not having yet a version in your (or other interested you) language. While a version in concern language does not exist, the link will direct each visitor to their language chosen in the settings. When a version in your language will be created, the link will be just to it.


The template accepts three parameters, one of which is required.

parameter explain default
name number
n 1 page name required
t 2 link title page name
l 3 language (ISO-code) eo (Esperanto)


code result note
{{lng|n=Meta:Policies and guidelines|t=read carefully|l=fr}} read carefully the French
of that page
{{lng|Meta:Policies and guidelines|read carefully|fr}} read carefully
{{lng|n=Meta:Policies and guidelines|l=fr}} Meta:Policies and guidelines
{{lng|Meta:Policies and guidelines||fr}} Meta:Policies and guidelines
{{lng|n=Meta:Policies and guidelines|t=read carefully|l=tl}} read carefully a Tagalog
version of
that page
does not
{{lng|Meta:Policies and guidelines|read carefully|tl}} read carefully
{{lng|n=Meta:Policies and guidelines|l=tl}} Meta:Policies and guidelines
{{lng|Meta:Policies and guidelines||tl}} Meta:Policies and guidelines