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This template links to the equivalent template on other projects. You can change a template name on an individual template with the parameters below, or remove a link by leaving a parameter blank.

{{sister templates}}

or (all optional):
{{sister templates
 |mta = template name at Meta-wiki
 |wpd = template name at English Wikipedia
 |cms = template name at Commons
 |wbk = template name at English Wikibooks
 |wqt = template name at English Wikiquote
 |wsr = template name at English Wikisource
 |wdy = template name at English Wikitionary
 |wnw = template name at English Wikinews
 |wsp = template name at English Wikispecies
 |wvr = template name at English Wikiversity
 |mdw = template name at Media-wiki <!--- (unlikely link?)
Flip parameters

Those which are off, but do use the template being tagged, may be included in the list by defining an all capital letters version of the above all lower case parameters. (Example: '|WDY=y' will include Wiktionary under the same default template name by the template code: '{{{wdy|{{{2|{{PAGENAME}} }}} }}} }}} , thus typing in a long name when a normally suppressed template auto-link IS desired, is not necessary. Using XXX=1 to turn off a link, such as when a Sister project TfD decides to not allow the template locally, would be redundant with 'xxx=', add complexity, and is subject to confusion. So the Capital letter flip parameters are available only those sister projects which normally suppress a template.