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{{IPSummary|}} produces

  • Mostly the same as {{UserSummary}}
  • Extras: The IP tools links!
    • proxy? will search Google for the IP plus the proxy keyword -- useful to know whether further investigation is a good idea
    • tor will use Krimpet's tor tool on the toolserver
    • WHOIS will query the toolserver WHOIS tool
    • RBL is a multi-RBL lookup at http://www.robtex.com/rbls/
    • tools is a set of many tools at http://ping.eu/proxy/ (does not accept parameters, so copy-paste the IP into the form)
      • Ping, proxy checker (checks only one, specified, port at a time, but still useful), WHOIS, traceroute, port checker (again, only one port at a time, and you specify which one)...
    • CompleteWhois does a lookup at http://completewhois.com/cgi-bin/rbl_lookup.cgi
    • traceroute does that using http://www.dnsstuff.com/tools/tracert.ch, which also has other useful tools

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