gives {{{1}}}

Template documentation


{{fdnw|p   q



<nowiki>p   q


gives p q ''r'' [[s]]

Limitations and special considerationsEdit

As usual, if the parameter contains "=", put "1=" in front.

The template shows before "gives" the expanded parameter in <nowiki> tags, and after "gives" the rendering of this, with the following consequences.

Wrong resultsEdit

  • the <nowiki> tag does not prevent codes like "&rarr;" to be interpreted, so the template does not show, for example, that "&rarr;" gives "→"; if a wikitext is used that is displayed as "&rarr;", the template will wrongly show a result in which this is rendered unchanged

Limitation of wikitextsEdit

  • the fact that <nowiki> tags prevent expansion is not demonstrated, what is shown inside <nowiki> tags is already expanded

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