Event information
Template documentation

This template is for displaying information about single real-world events (e.g. Wikimedia in meatspace). It adds pages to the relevant "Events in <year>" categories, and future events to Category:Future events.

It implements (some of) the h-event microformat, and (some of) the Event schema.


| what     = Descriptive title of the event
| when     = Date and time, e.g. 2017-06-15 14:30 +8:00
| end      = Date and time, e.g. 2017-06-15 16:30 +8:00
| location = Location of the event, e.g. use {{place}}
| who      = Responsible organization, e.g. use {{organization}}
| url      = External URL if applicable (defaults to current page)
| image    = Image file name (without 'File:' prefix)
| summary  = General description paragraph


  • The end parameter is optional.
  • If no url is given, it defaults to the canonical URL of the page on which the template appears.
  • Events in the future will be added to Category:Future events and displayed with a yellow star in their box's header.

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