Template documentation


Essentially the same as {{edit}} but with a section parameter:

{{editsection|pagename|section number|section heading}}


  • The default pagename (in the 1st parameter) is the current pagename (this is useful for displaying section edit links for specific sections, on pages where these links have been disabled using __NOEDITSECTION__.
  • The default section number (in the 2nd parameter) is void (it will edit the full content of the page specified in pagename, instead of just a section) ; if a non-empty value is specified, it should match a section number in that page : section 0 for the section before its first heading, section 1 and more for further sections with standard headings (between == ... == or in h1 to h6 HTML elements).
  • The default section heading (in the 3rd parameter) is void, but should match the heading of the section in the target page (it is used to fill the hint displayed when hovering the rendered edit link). Ignored if no section number is given.

Technical note and internationalizationEdit

The HTML format and CSS styles and classes should match the style used by Mediawiki itself.

The internationalization uses MediaWiki's own translated resources to render "edit section" links.

You can find these resources by displaying any wiki page with editable section, with the additional query parameter "?uselang=qqx" added to the URL of the displayed page, which reveals the names of any translated item, usable with {{int:item}} (which will look for a subpage matching some language code lang in MediaWiki:item/lang).

This template uses the following resources:

The language used to render these translated {{int:item}} is the user's preferred language for the UI (or the language specified with a "?uselang=lang" query parameter in the URL of the current page), or one of its fallbacks (if MediaWiki does not find an existing translated resource for the specified user langage), as defined in the local configuration of MediaWiki. This is coherent with the internationalization of MediaWiki itself for its UI.