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This is the {{Cronos month}} template that automagically generates a calendar of events.

You can try also the {{Cronos list}} that is very similar but with different rendering.


Cronos is a really accessible calendar for MediaWiki. It's wiki-based. It's simple. It works even with JavaScript disabled.

You can customize this calendar for various reasons. For example, you can have it in your user page.


Basic usage, default calendar with approximately 30 days:

{{Cronos month}}

Here the default look:

Monday Thursday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
29 30 31
Monday Thursday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Edit Event #1lib1ref 12:00
02 03
Edit Event Atelier Wikipédia 14:00
Edit Event Hackatal 10:00
Edit Event Hackatal 10:00
Edit Event WikiCafé 13:00
07 08 09 10 11
12 13 14
Edit Event réunion du 14 juin 2023 18:00
Edit Event II Encontro de edição 18:00
Edit Event Wikipermanence à Lille au Pop … 18:00
Edit Event Atelier Wikeys à Canopé 69 09:00
Edit Event Atelier de contribution/Journé… 10:00
Edit Event Atelier Wikipédia 14:00
19 20
Edit Event WikiCafé 13:00
21 22 23 24 25

Add Event!

In the following sections all the available options.


You can change the text of the blue Add Event! button with:

{{Cronos month|add_button_text = Add Meeting! }}

You can even hide it with:

{{Cronos month|add_button = no }}

Filter by interestsEdit

You can choose to display just the events under your interests using the tags argument.

For example, to only show announces about an hackathon or a meetup, you may try:

{{Cronos month|tags = hackathon, meetup }}

If you cannot see anything, maybe there is not any Event associated to that Tag.

It's up to the Event creators to be kind and always put some useful tags to their Event.

Anyway, everyone can contribute to the Event page to add some reasonable Tags.

Next/Previous monthEdit

You can display future or past months using the month_shift argument.


{{Cronos month|month_shift = -1 }}
{{Cronos month|month_shift =  1 }}

Monday/Sunday preferenceEdit

As default the calendar starts from Monday, but you may want to disable this behavior to start from Sunday.


{{Cronos month|start_from_monday = 1 }}
{{Cronos month|start_from_monday = 0 }}

Show more daysEdit

You can change how much days (expressed in weeks) are displayed in the calendar.

For example:

{{Cronos month|weeks = 10 }}

Please be kind with the environment and do not try to request too much weeks. A low number will mean that the page generation will be very cheap.

Short week namesEdit

You can change how the names of the day of the weeks are displayed. For example, you may want shorter names.


{{Cronos month|short_weekname = 1 }}

This will mean a smaller calendar!


Actually the style is inherited by the template {{Cronos month}} who enqueues this stylesheet: style.css.

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