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الحاق لاڳاپا پئنچات باب (پورٽل)
الحاق لاڳاپا پئنچات باب (پورٽل)
وابستگي وسيلا
فصل (چيپٽر)
ٿيماٽڪ آرگنائيزيشنز
وڪيميڊيا واپرائيندڙ (يوزر) گروپَ
اندروني دستاويز
ٻيا ڳنڍڻا (ڪڙيون)
اسان سان رابطو ڪريو
Template documentation


  • {{Affiliations Committee}}
  • {{Affiliations Committee|bottom}}

The first example renders as above the documentation. The second example renders as:


Each page calls Template:Affiliations Committee/layout or Template:Affiliations Committee/layout-bottom, where are defined the style and translatable elements.

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If set to “bottom”, the template appears as a horizontal (normal) navbox (for use at the bottom of the page), otherwise it appears as a vertical navbox (for use at the top/middle of the page)

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