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sebelumnya 2014, minggu 03 (Isnin13 Januari2014) seterusnya

Searching in the File: namespace on Wikimedia Commons may be slow due to a search engine issue.


VisualEditor news

VisualEditor will be added for all users on several Wikipedias on January 13.


You can now add and remove __NOTOC__, __FORCETOC__ and __NOEDITSECTION__ in the page metadata menu.

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For a few hours on January 6, it was not possible to edit pages using the Translate tool on Wikimedia Commons and the Wikimania 2013 wiki, due to a settings error.

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For about 20 minutes on January 9, there were problems with CSS and JavaScript due to high server load.

Perubahan perisian masa depan

Wikidata will be added to all Wikisource wikis on January 14.


The new search tool (CirrusSearch) will be added as the second search method for the English Wikipedia on January 13. On Wikibooks and the German Wikipedia, you will also be able to test it by adding it in your Beta Features options.

You will soon be able to export page collections into other formats than PDF.


It will soon be possible to upload groups of photos from Flickr using UploadWizard.

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The Wikimedia Foundation has shared a multimedia vision for 2016. You are invited to comment.