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sebelumnya Minggu ke-51, 2013 (Senin, 16 Desember 2013) berikutnya

Berita teknologi terbaru dari komunitas teknis Wikimedia. Beritahu pengguna lain tentang perubahan ini. Tidak semua perubahan akan berdampak pada Anda. Tersedia versi Terjemahan.

Perubahan perangkat lunak terkini

  • The latest version of MediaWiki (1.23wmf8) was added to test wikis and MediaWiki.org on December 19. It will be enabled on non-Wikipedia wikis on December 31 and on all Wikipedia wikis on January 2, 2014 (calendar).
  • You can now test the new search tool ("CirrusSearch") on all Wikisource, Wiktionary and Wikimedia chapter wikis hosted on Foundation servers. Enable "New search" in your Beta features preferences. [1]
  • There was a bug where notifications were not sent when the signature of the user leaving the message linked to a translated namespace. The problem was fixed in the software and will soon be fixed on Wikimedia sites. [2] [3]
  • You can now use the log-in system for external tools (OAuth) on all Wikimedia wikis that use the unified login. [4]
  • If your wiki adds stars or other icons to interwiki links for featured articles in other languages, you may need to change the JavaScript code. [5]
  • You can thank other users for their edits even if your browser does not have JavaScript. [6] [7]
  • All edits made through Flow, the new discussion system for MediaWiki, are now visible in user's contributions. You can test it on the Flow talk page on MediaWiki.org. [8] [9]
  • You can test a visual tool that shows edits made to an article over time. It only works for English Wikipedia pages for now and is slow on long articles. [10]
  • You can test the first version of the new mobile Wikipedia app for Android and iOS. [11]
  • Translatewiki.net, the site where you can translate the MediaWiki software, now has a new main page for users without an account. [12]

Perubahan perangkat lunak masa depan

  • There will be no technical changes this week (December 23 to December 29) due to end-of-year holidays.
  • When someone deletes, restores, uploads, or moves a file on Commons, pages on all wikis that use that file will be refreshed. [13] [14]
  • New users will soon have their user and talk pages added to their watchlist as soon as they create an account. [15] [16].
  • The new search tool (CirrusSearch) will not show the text of versions of a page that have been hidden. [17] [18]
  • You will soon be able to see the raw HTML created by some wikitext by using the Special:ExpandTemplates tool. [19] [20]

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