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предыдущая 2013 год, 43 неделя (понедельник, 21 октября 2013) следующая

Latest tech news from the Wikimedia technical community. Please inform other users about these changes. Not all changes will affect you. Translations are available.

Новые возможности

  • The "Toolbox" section in the site sidebar is now called "Tools" in English. You can do the same in your language by editing the interface text on Someone else may have already done it. [1]

Новости Визуального редактора

  • On wikis with VisualEditor, you can now use it on pages in the File, Help and Category namespaces. [2]


  • On October 22 (UTC), an error in the site settings caused * sites (like Meta-Wiki and Commons) to redirect to for a few hours. [3]

В будущем

  • MediaWiki 1.23wmf1 was added to test wikis on October 24. It will arrive to non-Wikipedia wikis on October 28 and all Wikipedia wikis on October 31 (calendar).
  • In the next days, servers in San Francisco will start providing (cached) content to users located in Oceania. If you are in that area and notice problems, please tell us. [4]
  • You will soon be able to test new features easily using the "Beta Features" view. VisualEditor will be in the list on sites where it works and isn't automatically enabled. Another example is a set of changes in the article text style.

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