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předchozí 2013, týden 40 (pondělí 30 září 2013) následující

Poslední technické novinky z technické komunity Wikimedie. Prosíme, informujte o těchto změnách ostatní uživatele. Některé změny se vás netýkají. K dispozici jsou i další překlady.

Nové funkce

  • Special:Listfiles can now display old versions of files a user has uploaded. A new link was also added (Special:AllMyFiles) that gives a list of all files the current user has ever uploaded (that haven't been deleted).
  • There is now an Android application to contribute to from mobile devices. [1]

Novinky ohledně VisualEditoru:

  • VisualEditor now has a new toolbar with drop-down menus for advanced tools. [2]
  • Many bugs were fixed, some related to copy-and-paste. [3]
  • You can now move references, list of references, templates and other elements with the mouse ("drag-and-drop"). [4]
  • You are invited to comment on designs for the interface to add references in VisualEditor.


  • Developers are looking for ideas of small technical projects that new developers could work on. Please add your ideas. [5]
  • Developers are looking for wikis who would accept to try using secure links (HTTPS) for all users. [6]
  • You can join an IRC discussion about "Beta features", a tool to try new features, on October 3. [7]
  • You can join an IRC discussion about Flow, the new wiki discussion tool, on October 17.