Tamazight Wikimedia User Group/Gestion/Reports/Report 2021/2022

Meetings edit

  • Wikimedia Tamazight was actively involved in the development of recommendations by the working groups we actively had a discussion within the community for this we also held a meeting with the community. In October 2019 a strategy summit was held in Mostaganem for the Tamazight community where we provided our thoughts from our realities. Also our community has been actively involved in we also worked on sharing the Universal Code of Conduct and we have done first steps to implement Wikimedia Community.
  • Meeting members since July and August: Aziz Chetara, Ahmed Houamel, Reda Kerbouche - Main topic was working on the strategy of the User group during the next year. Google meet
  • 25 July 2022 meeting Ahmed Houamel and Zinou Yahoui, discussion about projects books Tamazight, education , projects and Wiktionary and Wikimedia Summit travel.
  • 18 and 19 august meeting with Ahmed Houamel and Idhurar, main topic was the Wiktionary in Tacawit languages and how to have new members.
  • Ahmed Houamel, BAAZIZ05 and Idhurar main topic was strategy and Wikimedia Summit 2022 (sharing the updates from the event) other topic was the UCoC.
  • Discussion 13 November 2022 Ahmed Houamel and Aziz Chetara  : about futur activity Lingualibre and Wikimedia Commons, projects Tamazight

Education and Wikiarabia since 2021 edit

  • Discussion about WikiArabia 2021 , Ahmed Houamel and Ahmed Yahoui, August-October 2021 , about activities, messenger FB
  • 21 December 2021, discussion about Education, Reading Wikipedia in classroom, Ahmed Houamel and Ahmed Yahoui, messenger FB

Event involvement 2022 edit

  • Wikimania 2022, participate to discussion, 3 online
  • Wikimedia summit: 2 members participated on stage and 3 online
  • WikiArabia Dubai: we will have 3 members with 4 presentation during this event
  • WikiFranca: we will have one participant during the event

curent situation edit

  • The Office will be relocated in Canada because of the logistics is better from this country.
  • Ahmed Houamel was Elected as the leader of the group
  • Aziz Chetara was elected as the treasure of the group
  • Zino Yahoui was elected as Project Manager of the group

future project 2022-2023-2024 edit

  • Wikibriden - a North African conference first edition in Timimoun In Algeria
  • ASPG for the group
  • Videos learning Mooc
  • GAP
  • Save languages and words and cultures Tamazight in danger of extinction.
  • Training adult to contribute to Wikimedia project and create adult literacy classroom.
  • GLAM

Activities 2021 (September-October) edit

Lingua Libre Bot to Shy.Wiktionary.org edit

Lingua Libre Bot

We have worked to integrate the bot to the wiktionary to upload directy the audio recorded in Tacawit in the platforme of Lingualibre. the test of the bot will be done this week.

WikiArabaia Algeria 2021 edit

  • October 2021
ويكي قاموس

Zino Yahoui and Ahmed Houamel talked about projets : Zino: Ksour Algeria and project Wikimedia Commons and lingualibre. Ahmed Houamel (Wiktionary) : importance of traduction and partnership and lingualibre project.

WikiIndaba 2021 online edit

Speakers : Reda Kerbouche, Adélaïde Calais, Pamputt, present Lingualibre bot on Tacawit Wiktionary

Wikiconfr Tunisia and WikiFranca online November 2021 edit

Meeting Reda Kerbouche and Ahmed , discussion about WikiFranca.

Activities edit

During WikiConvention francophone Tunisia, event online, since November 2021, Pamputt and Reda Kerbouche present Portage de Lingua Libre Bot on Tacawit Wiktionary

Project-Wikimedia Commons 2022 edit

March and April 2022 , project to enrich the historical heritage 2022 in Timgad by pictures on Wikimedia Commons Timgad since 2022 Organizer by Ahmed Yahoui

Timgad since 2022

Video Mooc learning languages projects 2022 August-September edit

Announcement: to look for videographers to do lessons :learning vocabulary ,Ahmed Houamel contact members board Zerfa and members at Montreal for project.

Wiktionary tacawit 2022 september edit

Contribution workshop during September, Ahmed Houamel and Idhurar, planification and coordination with members in Canada.