Choosing Name edit

OK, which domain name should I buy; WikiU or Wikiversity? I have a slight preference for Wikiversity since it is more of a real name and not a nick name, but WikiU is easier to pronounce, spell and therefore remember. Straw poll below (please vote for one);

For WikiAcademy: Eloquence, Geoffrey
Against WikiAcademy: LittleDan, Karl Wick, mav, Dysprosia
For WikiU: Karl Wick (also easier for non-English users)
Against WikiU:
For Wikiversity: mav, LouI, WouterVH, LittleDan, Emperorbma, r3m0t
Against Wikiversity: Eloquence (ugly, IMHO) Karl Wick (harder for some languages, including English)
For WikiLearning: Thomas Strohmann -- to emphasize that the project's goal is to do e-learning / distance learning in the Wiki way. Also, as a project about a general educational resource we shouldn't limit the name to higher education institutions (such as University, Academy).
Against WikiLearning:
Also, what about the .edu along with .org and .com ? -Karl Wick
Uh, no. We are not going to be offering actual degrees and become an accredited institution. But we will be providing support for instructors and students. --mav
Is offering degrees a prerequisite to having a ".edu" domain? Being unable to grant degrees doesn't prevent us from selling nicely printed degrees as a fund raiser. You name what you want, and you can have a degree in it. It was a good source of revenue when Rochdale College did it around 1970; the only requests we consistently refused to honour were the requests for MDs from India. Eclecticology

I was thinking of Wikademy/Wicademy...but the former looks strange and the latter looks like Wicca + academy... What about AcadeMediaWiki or something...? Geoffrey 19:25, 17 Aug 2003 (UTC)

OK, it looks like Wikiversity won so that is what I bought. Of course anybody can snag the other proposals just in case we change our minds about the name later (make sure to buy the .com too though). --mav

Doh! I was going to vote for "WikiUniversity". It's not so much in keeping with the convention, but i think it's more important that non-wikimedians can remember it and associate with it. There's Harvard University, Stanford University, Purdue University, and there's also Wiki University, eh? -Kevin Baas

I came to Wikiversity thinking it was derived from the words "Wiki" and "Diversity" and discussing the social diversity of Wikipedia etc, and I see a page about a "Wiki University"... I think you should change the name. Optim 15:21, 3 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Let's Roll edit

I am in favor of trying to make plans so that there is not wasted effort from starting out on the wrong foot. However, it seems like this project is not really getting anywhere. I suggest that the Wiki University open its doors.

"We have domain" just sends me back to

What has to be done to activate the Wiki University? JWSurf 18:12, 15 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Is Wikiversity Dead? edit

Is there anyone out there still working? Has something larger been started or have people quit? User:Atrivedi

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