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Put this here, because the history page doesn't quite cover my need for conveying my progress.

This is a mix of English and Danish, but it helps me let others know where I'm at on this, and me to keep track of it as well. I'm used at working in English, even though this is a Danish translation, so bear with me :)

First pass edit

Very fast, very rough, translation of the page. Focused on the meaning and context of the essay, more than anything else.

Certain words and word combinations are not translated yet. Need to resolve the proper wording and structure of the context in each paragraph to properly translate these so that it makes sense, and sound right (I could translate it all word for word, but it wouldn't make sense that way).

Other words are temporarily translated to the direct meaning of the word in Danish, more than the proper term one would use in Danish. This is simply to make it easier to get the context in place first, and then worry about the exactly right terms to use for certain things later.


  • Editor - oversat til redaktør indtil videre. Er ikke helt sikker på hvad vi kalder det på endnu, men meningen er nu god nok, selvom det ikke lyder rigtigt.
  • Troll - jeg er ikke helt sikker på hvad det tilsvarende udtryk er på dansk. Så det er ikke oversat endnu.

Der er nogle flere ord hist og her der ikke er oversat helt konsekvent endnu. Men jeg regner med at kunne rette det ind når konteksten kommer på plads.

LINKS: There's links to Russian wiki inside the English version, where I copied the source from (so now there's links to Russian wiki inside the Danish translation). Dunno if that's intentional or an accidental edit of the wrong page at some point, but it just makes it a little harder to figure out what the link was supposed to point to (sorry, but Cyrillic is not an alphabet I can read, much less understand).

I also haven't figured out how to translate all the cross-references yet. So I didn't touch them, but simply left them in place for now. Everything in its own time.

Grammar and punctuation will be resolved later on. As I said, context first. Danish is very flexible when it comes to grammar and punctuation anyway. --Metalbunny 07:35, 14 March 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I took the liberty of fixing a lot of minor fixes. Considering you haven't worked on this since March. --Svippong 13:05, 22 May 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]
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