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(Though of course it is fine to call it "the wiki" in context, just as one might refer to "the mailing list", "the book", "the club", "the building". --Brion VIBBER)

Although, Wikipedia as a whole is actually a collection of wikis... you'd better merge the databases and re-write the software soon so I don't have to make any more corrections. *ducks and runs* -- Stephen Gilbert

"Wikipedia is not wiki" would be the assertion that we're violating the "wiki way", I guess. Case sensitivity in words is suspicious, though - that's why I call the popular word processor "MS Word" rather than just "Word". Seems like it'd make more sense to call it "Ward's Wiki" if one wishes to be informative and clear :) MyRedDice

I didn't make the rules; I'm just the reporter. "Ward's Wiki" is what I would prefer, too, but there seems to be multiple confusing connotations attached to that term as well (see [1] for the gory details). There's also the name Portland Pattern Repository, which seems to be a publication that primarily consists of Wiki and a couple static HTML pages.
My guide, like all usage guides, is a little more authorative than actual usage allows. Some people use "Wiki" instead of "wiki" as the generic term. The main thing I'm trying to stop is using "Wiki" as a proper noun when referring to "Wikipedia". Saying something like "When starting a Wiki, you first have to choose some Wiki software" looks very odd to me, but it's a common enough usage. Confusion is further compounded by the use of CamelCase on many wikis to form links. Thus we get capitalization such as "WikiWay", "NatureOfWiki" and "WikiOnWiki". -- Stephen Gilbert

quoting from ""

Welcome to the first WikiWikiWeb, known simply as Wiki. A lot of people have their first Wiki experience here. (my emphasis)

If the very external link you use to try and make your point contradicts it in the very next sentence, I don't see that I should pay any attention to it! :) MyRedDice

I've tried to incorporate this discussion into the essay. The main point is that Wiki, when used as a name, is Ward's Wiki, and shouldn't be applied to Wikipedia. It doesn't really matter is "wiki" as a generic term is spelled with a capital or not, although the latter is grammatically incorrect. -- Stephen Gilbert 18:28 5 Jul 2003 (UTC)


I'm not familiar with Wikimedia. What exactly is the difference between that and Wikipedia? Also, I've noticed a lot of articles tend to be less NPOV or objective as Wikipedia; and read less like an encyclopedia. I have also noticed that this article is signed; which implies some sort of "ownership." unsigned by (talk) 03:38, 3 May 2006

Hello. The Wikimedia Meta-Wiki is a wiki dedicated to discussion and coordination of the various Wikimedia projects. It is not, itself, an encyclopedia like Wikipedia, and so does not follow the same guidelines. // [admin] Pathoschild (talk/map) 03:44, 3 May 2006 (UTC)
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