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I dont understand much of whats written in this article, the gest seems to be a better software development process for wiki4. As I dont know how or where to insert my ideas, i post them here.

Well, I'm definitely dissatisfied with the way things went this time. Imho opinion the developers took a very reasonable step by step approach. They made available, and some people actuallly tested the new features. I dont know if anyone tested the old features.

Then the developers took up meta and afrikaans. AS the only sysop of af:, I was confronted unannounced with a lot of problems. The developers did their best to solve them, but I simply had insufficient time to look into all the problems and report them. I did see a note from -mav to halt upgrading the next wikis until a certain problem had been solved. I havent seem many complaints from meta.

The next time I think we need a different approach. From ever patient Brion, I understood the currrent test is a hodgepodge of articles.

I suggest that next time, we have three test conversions of actual wikis. A small one, like cy, a medium one like the french, and a big one like en: or de:. What I mean is this: Create testdomains, and, and fill them with the converted contents of their respective counterparts.

Such a test conversion is imho much more useful than the current I suppose it will be also much more interesting for the volunteers to experiment with the new features and inspect effects of the new version on current articles.

TeunSpaans 21:08, 1 Jun 2004 (UTC)

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