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Wikimedia's third press release is proposed to aimed at the slashdot crowd and call for help with software:



After introducing the project to casual end users in Wikimedia's first press release, and to potential contributors in Wikimedia's second press release, and to technocrats with this one, Wikimedia's fourth press release can focus on more typical "news event" type hype, like perhaps getting Wikipedia into the en:Guinness Book of World Records, or something.



With the creation of the Wikimedia Foundation to own and run wikipedia, and the reaching of the 300,000 milestone, Wikipedia is starting a funding drive. Additionally, exclusively for you slashdotters out there, we're trying to recruit more coders to make our wiki software, dubbed Wikipedia III, even better than it already is. Note: When we get slashdotted, many people usually vandalise or write biased things at Wikipedia. Please don't do this.

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