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Yiddish Resources Edit

Foundations Edit

  1. Fishman foundation for Yiddish

Universities Edit

  1. Yiddish at Penn
  2. Yiddish at NYU
  3. Yiddish at Colombia University
  4. Bar-Ilan University (Israel)
  5. Tel Aviv University
  6. Yiddish at Oxford
  7. Yiddish at Rutgers
  8. Yiddish at Berkeley
  9. Yiddish at Harvard

Organizations Edit

  1. YIVO Institute
  2. Yugntruf Youth for Yiddish
  3. League for Yiddish
  4. Dora Titelboim institute for Yiddish education (Florida U.S.A.)
  5. Vilnius Yiddish Institute (Lithuania)
  6. Leyvik House (Israel)
  7. Young Yiddish (Jerusalem)
  8. jidysz lebt project and project site at polish Wiktionary   (Poland)

Websites Edit

  1. Shtetl

Books Edit

  1. National Yiddish Book center

Discussions Edit

  1. Yiddish Land (Google group)
  2. Yiddish Forum (Yahoo)
  3. Mendele
  4. Tapuz Yiddish (Hebrew)
  5. Smuesn in Mame Loshen

Professors Edit

  1. David Katz
  2. Gennady Estraikh
  3. Rephael Finkel
  4. Joshua A. Fishman
  5. Barry Trachtenberg

« שמועס » Edit

Dear friend please come to ‎« שמועס »‎ to see if we can use this channel as a place for Yiddish chats. This form should work at ‎װיקיװערטערבוך‎ when you are using Firefox, Konqueror or Opera. Unfortunatelly if does not work yet in Internet Explorer.‎
Please search in ‎װיקיװערטערבוך:הויפט זייט‎ at the seventh item in נאוויגאציע.‎ It is ‎« שמועס »‎.‎ I assume that you agree to add such an « שמועס » item at װיקיפּעדיע‎ to נאוויגאציע as soon as our friends m:n:en:user:bawolff ... have fixed the code. Please do not hesitate to write your comments in the comment section.‎
Please make proposals about translating of the text / help: Only Latin characters and Latin numbers are allowed as « Your Nickname: » . Exceptions are « tekhniker|avek » , « ales-viser » etc. Please add some explanations about accessing the channel « #kavehoyz » by using the page chatwikizine: One should select the channel « #kavehoyz » from the channel list, select a Nickname and hit enter. All other fields are optional.‎
Thanks in advance and Good luck! Best regards
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