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Other possible covers to have in reserve:

  • a variant on the Guardian cover.
    1. a base image without text,
    2. a method for converting a list of encyclo entries (or a scan of an actual encyclo page?) into the text layer [requires someone to find an encyclo, or extract a subset of WP, in that language],
    3. a method for creating the colored 'hand-written' editing-layer
    4. an example [in german]
    cf. User:Sansculotte

This will be useful for the first Quarto after serious content reviews come out

  • a special cover for Wikimania (WQ-4)
    cf. ??
  • a set of full-size featured images to turn into covers a la the zanimum-gloss design that won the WQ-2 cover post-contest.
    cf. User:zanimum, anyone who likes browsing the featured image lists on various WPs
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