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Visionary Energy

Squeezing the cake decorator so dry with sub titles that there is no room for the philosophy which climbs out of the box of facts far enough to be creative, is my observation of what scientist create. It takes someone out of the norm of thinking to improve human health, the doctor is locked in by set standards even when he knows of a way to improve someone's health. Stray from the book and lose your license or go to jail.

I think I have made my case, to lock yourself into proven facts leaves very little room for true change. Without true change one only tinkers with what exists and therefore takes hundreds of years to do what can be accomplished in a few. Every sub title mentioned needs to be scrutinized and realize what it really is, layers and layers of toy blocks laid out by a child.

The more blocks this child can lay out the greater his recognition. Recognition for what, the ability to some day lay out more blocks in the same pattern.

We have such great resources at our fingertips today and so much has been accomplished by laying out the solid blocks that exist, I am amazed that enough people who ignored all these rules laid out in stone to accomplish something.

We have come so far if you look back three hundred years or so. I am sure people were looked at as mentally retarded and shunned. People, visionary people who suggested the television, automobiles and airplanes as we know them. the airplane with only a paper thin piece of metal protecting us from the elements while flying five hundred miles per hour in cold temperatures where there is no oxygen. What about cell phones, talking distances over a box no bigger than a pack of cigarettes. Microwave, laser. Laser is relatively new yet is already in most everything we touch. The computer and the internet. Soon all the books, libraries and man's knowledge at our finger tips. Using the WIKIpedia thoughts of knowledge, all mankind on earth will become one brain. Accomplish by someone's mind having the vision, not by looking at the realities and saying it can not be done just look at the scientific facts, it can not be done. Computers will have all these facts on them, yet they will not have visionary power, that will take man's brain, if we hurry.

Now let us move our mind three hundred years ahead. I will not list what will be than, we all have our own imaginations to carry us there, but it will not scratch the surface as the things I mentioned three hundred years ago, none of the people then could have had the imagination to come see what we have in our twenty first centaury.

Now lets go ahead three hundred years and look back to today, they would think we were all backsword like a cave man, except they would by then have a new classification by then.

Most of us could write a few books on this subject, so will get on to where I am heading.

We live in a world of ashes and surpluses. Everything is made out of star dust, what is star dust, simple ashes. Since everything we have created has been made out of ashes, man has did one fantastic job. But let's get out of this rut. We re-shape iron and mix it with other things, but little change. We live a great deal off the surplus of what plants think they need to reproduce. We burn coal and petroleum products which is just decayed plants. We drink water, which was not put on this earth for us, but adapted to it since it is here. I will move on even though this subject is endless. If I haven't lost you already, I will try not to. You have gained enough to get into my insight.

Lets start with food. Most of out food is just surplus from plants it is made up of berries or fruit which hold their seeds for reproduction. The plants anticipate how much excess seeds they must produce in order to continue their species. They allow for birds, dry weather, seeds which do not live, hailstorms, insects and massive other destructions. Then comes man to harvest their fruit.

On the short term, we can get them to produce more fruit, berry and or roots, by feeding them well, spraying the insects, planting them in a good climate in the sunshine, make sure they have plenty of required water. Keep the soil soft and free of competition such as weeds, and harvest as they require. Now they will grow well, healthy, tall and strong and produce an expected good crop, but what happens in the long run. Over many years they realize that the do not need as many seeds to reproduce, no excess seeds for man to eat. They have a good life so do not produce so many leaves for food and shade. Lose all their ability to store excess water, since they never have seen drought. They never have excess wind, so do not need strong roots to hold them up and their leaves are now delicate.

They have now become domesticated, produce no extra for man and he abandons them. They depend on man for water, sunshine, fertilizer, soft soil and to keep the weeds and insects back and many extras. What happens when man abandons them, they die. This is so hard for man to understand, or he would not abandon hundreds of thousands of domesticated pet animals every year.

The solution, think out of the box, lets rebuild their generics make up to suite man. Let them produce chemicals to repeal the insects, store more water, build stronger roots incase of wind. We could get them to be genetically altered create bigger leaves to supply them with more life, protect them from rain and sun. Now lets genetically tell them they need one hundred times the fruit or berries to survive and a stronger and more perfect fruit also. We now have a plant which grown strong with no effort from man and supplies him with all the juicy healthy fruit we could ever want, with out waiting five hundred years.

Lets try steel bridges. We use the burnt out star dust of iron and steel to create such heavy structures. The amount of energy used to mine the iron. to transport it and the heat to smelt and the energy to form it. Then transfer the heavy steel to the bridge site. It is beyond belief to realize the mammoth amounts of energy used up to get it this far. From step one, the iron is just a glorified dirt until mined and processed. It takes most of it's own resources just to hold it own weight. It is so heavy the ground must be worked with mammoth equipment for months and supported with concrete just to hold the bridge up. Then it ages and must be cleaned and painted endlessly or it will oxidize and disappear with age. Finally what waste.

We need to get on with nano-technology-technology. A sheet of indestructible metal or a Teflon type sheet could be no more than maybe one half inch thick, all in one piece, no supports, just sit down on each side of the river, no towers, no cables or piers. It would not rust, last thousands of years and never need scraping or painting.

The metal protecting us from the elements on an airplane could be as thin as it is, repel bird and rock strikes. Be crash proof, just bounce. It could be bullet proof as we know it, lighten proof, not need the tons of structure now in place to hold the skin in place. It could be as large as we wanted to make it. All it would take is to quit using the ashes of the stars and arrange the molecules to suit the materials we wanted . No coal mines to mine transport and use to smelter. The metal would be built to speculations with no cutting, grinding, riveting or welding. This small scale nano technology has already began.

A by product. the environment would remain almost untouched with clean water everywhere.

Now here is where I am really going with this. First I had to stimulate your imagination by pointing out things the mind could relate to.

Visionary energy.

Forget everything you have been taught through the years, especially the thermo dynamics of energy. These need to be changed and it can be done through the use of WIKIpedia. Forget water power, wind, petroleum, coal and everything we have already created so many boundaries that nothing can be researched because the books say so. Weather than try to bend these boundaries we need to abandon all present energy.

How can we do that?? The power of WIKIpedia is the power of millions of thinkers who now have an avenue to put their thoughts and visions into action.

We waited thousands for the lazar, now thanks to the wisdom of WIKIpedia we do not have to wait centuries to solve our energy problems once and for all.

I ask thousands upon thousands of visionaries to make this page the milestone of their collective thoughts and visions which many may have had for thirty of forty years. You people all around the world will solve our energy problem, large and small. Visionary Energy

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