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This topic needs an introduction: it launches into detailed discussions straight away, and example links, before its explained what the subject is. The article doesn't say what Spacetime DTD is. (I'd happily write the introduction, but after reading the article, I still don't know what it is.)

If anyone knows what this is about, could they please enlighten the rest of us.


I searched for some structured way to express coordinates within WikiMedia, when I was redirected to Spacetime DTD. It seems to me that it's ment to be a way to express the combination of a place and time for some event.

The discussion of coordinate and date translation problem is in my opinion not needed, if the space-time combination is expressed so that it can be interpreted in just one way.

However, personally I think there should be a fine structured way to express coordinates, a (more) structured way to express time (iso date?), and a way to combinate both of those for (more or less historical) events.

That data could be used in a lot nice future apps. 08:11, 9 April 2007 (UTC) Kristian

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