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I like the 3 sections structure:

  • wiki input,
  • what it gives
  • expected xhtml code

All 3 aspects of it in 1.

Actually, there should only be the input in it. The 2 other sections should be generated. You g(irl|uy)s know better about templates.

I saw it's not always coherent between these 3 sections, some pages don't use it, so I wanted to actualize them. Also, some important features are missing, or even linked but not existing.

My opinion is such stuff is very important for test and helpfull to definitively understand. Just I'm not used to Mediawiki, only wiki parsers.

I'm aware I'm allowed to change these page and my changes would be controlled, so I don't have real questions, more wanted to introduce this work. I believe these tests must stay topic oriented, simple, bad or good cases.

Perhaps one question, though, as the stuff is quite one year old, is it the good place for it ?

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