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Date of meetupEdit

I don't know whether this should be on Sunday 13 October (clashes with London) or Sunday 20 October (Manchester is the day before). Please express preferences here. --Redrose64 (talk; at English Wikipedia) 15:32, 16 September 2013 (UTC)

For me the 20th would be easier than the 13th. No guarantees, though. -- John of Reading (talk) 15:53, 16 September 2013 (UTC)

  • From en:User talk:HJ Mitchell#Oxford Meetup 9:
    • I have a marginal preference for the 13th because I'm committed to Manchester on the 19th (and hence won't fancy travelling a similar distance on the opposite direction the day after), but I can't guarantee I'd be there on the 13th, so don't plan it round me. HJ Mitchell 17:58, 16 September 2013 (UTC)
  • I'd prefer the 20th, as being SE London-based I'll always go to a London meetup if they clash. I can't guarantee I'll be able to make either date though so my opinions shouldn't carry huge weight. Thryduulf (en.wikt,en.wp,commons) 19:03, 16 September 2013 (UTC)
  • I prefer 13th, but can probably manage either. Maproom (talk) 22:02, 16 September 2013 (UTC)
  • Email from RexxS shows no preference between 13/10 and 20/10. --Redrose64 (talk; at English Wikipedia) 16:41, 17 September 2013 (UTC)
  • Unfortunately I won't be around on the 20th - though I don't think that should carry much weight. MistyMorn (talk) 17:30, 17 September 2013 (UTC)
  • Can do either date as far as I know - no preference.--Mervyn (talk) 09:41, 18 September 2013 (UTC)


This has run for eleven days now, with no comments in the last week, so I shall tally the votes:

  • October 13 preferred: 5, of which 1 cannot make the 20th
  • October 20 preferred: 3, of which 2 cannot make the 13th

There were 3 neutral. Accordingly, I've chosen 13 October 2013. --Redrose64 (talk; at English Wikipedia) 15:50, 27 September 2013 (UTC)

Oxford Women in Science editathonEdit

There is a public editathon on the topic of Women in Science at Oxford University IT services, two days after the next meeting (i.e. on Ada Lovelace day). Experienced Wikipedians are very welcome, and if you want to be a supporting trainer (which basically just involves looking over people's shoulders, answering their questions, and being helpful) I can pay travel expenses- just get in touch beforehand with . Hope to see some of you there. MartinPoulter (talk) 10:40, 7 October 2013 (UTC)

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