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Some of the prominently displayed posters have far too much text, which is counter to one of the main messages in the piece. Specifically, I see that the "languagetool" poster has huge grey paragraphs in tiny text in its second frame (goes against the basic premise). The bangla poster is over-coloured (the bright yellow background would be much more effective in design and readability terms if simply white; and the text could be micro-trimmed here and there. The Wikimania day image: big right-side poster looks good, but is getting dark and distant to be useful to readers of this tutorial; left side text is too small to be read in this image, and in any case it looks like it needs a good slash-back to summary form—again, it's sending the opposite message to what readers will absorb from the text of this LP.

These could be fixed; but what I'm really lacking is a series of two, three, four pairs of posters, each with left side bad, right side the same poster but a good version. The topic is very visual and design-dependent, so good visual examples are needed. Tony (talk) 05:14, 16 August 2014 (UTC)Reply

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