Talk:Interorganizational relations among chapters

Regarding members fees for the French chapter, I propose the following:

  • members pay a fee to the French chapter
  • the chapter transfers part of its income to the foundation, corresponding to the number of members. Amount has to be decided between the foundation and the local chapter
  • the member should be allowed to vote for the French chapter and for the foundation board trustee election


  • easiest for people living in France and the Euro zone, and even for European people not in the Euro zone, I think (Switzerland)
  • easiest accounting for the French chapter and the foundation


  • a member living in Japan will have to send a money order to France

Yann 09:39, 24 Jun 2004 (UTC)

There are other considerations I think, that go beyong the dues. Dues are one thing, that could be solved either by sending a certain percentage or a certain amount. But other things are to be taken into account as well, such as donations, or grants or whatever. It might be more simple that a certain percentage of revenues are sent to the foundation. This could vary of course, depending on the year income, so to decide upon budget considerations.

I also understood that german law required that the reason for the donation to another association be specified. It is quite possible that this is the same in most countries.

I do not see the "member living in France having to send money order to France" as a cons. The member has the choice to pay in any association he wishes. Paypal will make it just as easy to pay in the US or to pay in France. ant

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