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Few commentsEdit

As an English Wikipedia community member, I have few comments here—

  1. Over-all so far, mainly English Wikipedia guys or Meta Tech guys take responsibilities to work on MediaWiki management. Sysadmins and global sysops also work on various things.
  2. During the Kolkata Bengali Wikipedia event, few admins from Nepali and Maithili Wikipedia approached me and asked about installing Twinkle and other things. As, I have experience of MediaWiki management (my previous job was that thing — MediaWiki management (non-server side)). Anyway, I asked these Nepali or Maithili Wikipedians' question to Mr. Stradivorious and Jackmcbarn, two of the best guys managing some of the most difficult parts like Module editing, MediaWiki management on the English Wikipedia (note: Mr. Strad is a good friend and mentor of mine, and he was my RFA nom too, I discussed on these things to him over email too) Please see the online discussion here. Now, it might sound absurd that you are talking about basic steps, and I am requesting you to handle some of the most difficult issues. YET, as CIS-A2K team has taken the responsibility, may I request your team to check these Nepali or Maithili Wikipedia issues soon? It might be bad if we ask them to wait for few months to fix their Wikipedia issues (currently they have no contact with me, but, I'll surely contact them, if I find some answers to their queries).
  3. From point 2, let's start point 3, another very weird idea, I hope, being an En WP editor, where I need to communicate to mainly non-Indians (my best friends and mentors on WP are non-Indians), I do ZERO care about whether you speak Bengali/Hindi or Hebrew. So, may I request CIS-A2K team to attempt to make the event "Global" in scope. I have immediate 3-4 names in mind, who are living in the US/UK, BUT they are steadily working on MediaWiki bugs, or helping Indian communities too (you'll often find Mr. Strad fixing script pages on your own Indian Wiki. Could we call them too? Possible? Look, there are two groups a) one who just participate in an event, b) one who is really deserving, but can not participate for broder-country etc. issues. I have complete trust on the CIS-A2K team, and I STRONGLY feel, by doing this, you'll get much much better outcome. I'll volunteer to do all co-ordinations there.
  4. The "Implementation plan" seems incomplete at this moment. The worst MediaWiki error "Lua error/Script error" is not included there. Anyway, I'll discuss these later.
  5. Are you planning to launch a test-wiki or something like that? ANYTHING related to MediaWiki tutorial will require extensive practical works. It just will not be possible teach everything from MediaWiki set-up to Lua programming language in just one week or so.

Regards. --TitoDutta 21:10, 31 January 2015 (UTC)

Thanks Tito for engaging with the proposed plans and for the suggestions. We will factor these in before we commence planning for the workshop.--Visdaviva (talk) 18:00, 2 February 2015 (UTC)
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