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Without discussing the merits of the proposal, I'd like to point out that the title "Final...Solution" has some unpleasant echos in the mind of this reader.

Yup, and for the same types of reasons we should avoid promising 'Infinite Justice' or any 'Crusades', or celebrating Christopher Columbus, or etc. I do think however that the 20th century is over, and we have to let some dogs lie. If the term 'final...solution' is being used specifically TO evoke that kind of feeling of fear, then, you have a point, it's more or less inhibiting debate...

I put this on your talk page, 24: Look, you can't go around taking offense at word constructions you don't like. Forget it. Even if you rename that page you have to redirect or change all the things it links to. IF you really insist, go ahead, but are you sure ther aren't better things to do than be offended by phrases that aren't really the same phrase as the one that disturbs you?

I find atom bombing people offensive, but if people talk about 'nuking' food meaning microwaving it, even if I get images in my head of Hiroshimans fried, I don't make a big deal out of it. It's my problem, and I just deal with it, right?

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