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Wikipedians interested to participate in the committee activity

Name WP Availability Reachable via?
Jamesday As projects require IRC, talk page and mail link
Domas Mituzas Depends on projects and load IRC (dammit), talk page, mailinglists:)

I would like to help with the localization of MediaWiki, particularly with the abstraction of the interface language so that it can become a preferences option. Where should I start? Are there people working specifically on interface-language modularity? +sj+ 17:18, 4 Aug 2004 (UTC)

Hanging chads


It would be nice to know more about the following subprojects:

  1. The new upload form, created by eager people on de: -- what plans are there for implementing it? Projected timelines?
    • AFAIK no one's been working on this. Volunteers?
  2. Sheldon Rampton's request for specific code development -- Did anyone follow up with him in private? Were there specific offers or suggestions made? Is there a place on-wiki for placing such detailed {feature requests + offers}?
    • Tim and I both posted some general suggestions at the time, but I never heard more about it. Ask Sheldon directly perhaps...
  3. Postgresql interface -- how developed is it? Who is working on it? Where do they discuss their postgres progres?
    • dammit has been working on this on and off. I'm not sure how well it's working, I haven't tested it yet, but I'm pretty sure that it requires manual database initialisation at this point. I'd really like to see this working for 1.4 if possible.
  4. Changing one's interface language as a preference -- is this being worked on? What are the problems with the naive patch submitted to change the lang interface? Is there a subset of this problem that can be quickly solved (say, translating the standard sidebar/tab text?)
    • One problem with the naive approach has been solved in that all language files are internally UTF-8, so [on a UTF-8 wiki] you can 'mix and match' more freely. Other problems are that various links and code appear in the language classes and so it may be best to have two distinctly accessible language objects to work with. Also it will have to work on a wiki where database messages are _on_ for the primary language at least, and the message cache may need wonking to make this work.
  5. Database schema upgrade -- ditto.
    • Jamesday has been experimenting with some things and hopefully will have a chance to make some general recommendations and estimates on necessary conversion times. We may not make major changes by the 1.4 timeline, though, as I think we'd like to stabilize soon. --Brion VIBBER 02:49, 30 Aug 2004 (UTC)

+sj+ 20:22, 28 Aug 2004 (UTC)

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