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It is a welcome action to do a multi script editing sessions for Konkani. A long journey from where Frederick began years ago and I joined in 2011-12. Quoting Vickram Crishna ..."As the old military expression goes, the impossible just takes a little longer. Choose one script/dialect combination (organically, not by diktat), develop it to a starting point, and I venture to suggest that enthusiasts will come forward to support developing the variants.

The expression above was accurately referenced by Ashwin Baindur Feb 26, 2012: "The correct military adage of the Indian Army Corps of Engineers is - The difficult we do immediately, for the impossible we need a little notice. :) And so the Konkani Language wikipedia is at the doorstep of a major step. This is a small language wikipedia project and pooling the diversity in script and dialects will help create a much richer resource. Outofindia (talk)

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