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Hello, thanks for participating in Mini TTT Kolkata 2019. This is the feedback time.

Please write in details on areas such as

  • Event planning
  • Training
  • Logistics
  • Management
For private feedback, send an email to tito(_AT_) For unidentified feedback, please use this form

Please share your detailed feedback below:

  • Please summarize your experience in this conference in 2-3 sentences? (How was your experience, was it helpful? Be innovative! You may write in text, or upload a video/audio etc)
A: From day 0 to the day 2, it was a very good experience to interact with the fellow wikis, stay and food was really nice, the training was good, the conference was well managed and above all here I got a memory to cherish for long.
  • In a scale of 1–5 (where 1 means the lowest and 5 means the highest), would you join a similar conference in future and why? (write in details, please)
A: Yes, I would like to join a similar conference in future because this conference helped me a lot to get hands on experiences for the different branches of WIKI, which I were not aware of. So my number is 5.
  • Please explain in details what went well during the conference?(write in details, please)
A: I got very good training on wikisource and wikidata, but require more training as it is not possible to grab everything in this limited time.
  • Please explain in details what would you have liked to be different and why?(how could we improve the conference, write in details, please)
A: We all were almost punctual and true to our job. As I had no laptop in my possession, I had to share my fellow wiki's laptop and her work was hampered to some extent. It would be helpful for wikis like me if laptops are provided at the conference.
  • How do you plan to use and share your learning in near future?
A: I am already applying my learning in wikisource.
  • Do you have anything to share?
A: I found online training very helpful because I am a novice and frequent training would help me to do my work with more confidence.
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