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N Small request on Agendaː Can we put few points on Agenda, rather than generic "Meet up with Wikimedia Bengaluru community and Wikimedia grant team.". Would be helpful, as the current agenda feels a bit vague.

I'm suggesting few, Kindly feel free to use or discard these. In no way, these are binding.

Kindly feel free to use or discard these.
  1. Pushing for Simple English Wiki for Beginners
  2. Linking with other FOSS/Open Source Institutions to leverage content-addition (Say WikiMapia,
  3. Pushing Wiki Articles for elementary School Teaching by partnering with Educational Institutes Egː Nali Kali Activity of Karnataka State uses Kannada Wiki quite frequently to explain concepts.
  4. Wiki right now relies on References that are freely available. Pay-walled (JSTOR & such) & Dead links are no more accepted. Can we build a in-good-faith way to accept them?

Smjalageri (talk) 14:02, 10 December 2018 (UTC)

Regarding time of meetupEdit

Can the meetup be postponed to or after 6pm? Or else on a weekend? I have office and won't be able to join at 4pm. Does anybody else face this problem as well? Abhilash Mhaisne (talk) 16:01, 10 December 2018 (UTC)

Making wiki editing for noobs, as easy as WhatsApp

Sanskrit.. Murthy classical library has list of books .

Arunram spoke on getting that list

Ask Santosh Shingare. DiscusiDispage won't show up in mobileview.

No to commercialisation of wiki that's the direction ..gentle nudges from Google & etc is no more .. Wikisource didn't show up in google while searching for books

Unicode validation

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