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Please update

It says here "The next selection is scheduled for the end of 2015". This sounds like it maybe needs updating? --Gereon K. (talk) 19:57, 26 June 2017 (UTC)


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Probably dumb newby question

I'm a newby (2 months) so please forgive my lack of knowledge and experience of how the various organizations described by MetaWiki work together. I have limited experience with some of them (mostly the English-language projects). One of the ambitions stated in the 2017 Strategic Direction is that more partnerships would be sought in contributing to the future knowledge/information 'eco-system' both in terms of sourcing and delivery. So my question is: do these future partnerships fall under the mandate of the Affiliations Committee or under some other Committee (and if so, which one?). I joined Wikipedia for all the wrong reasons and I discovered that I could contribute for the right reasons. Not only by editing/translating content but perhaps also by contributing to strategy development or deployment. Thanks for any responses, Mike Just curious (talk) 00:11, 29 November 2017 (UTC)


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