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Formats: RSS, Atom (0.3)

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This is possible for every page. [MW1.7+]


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Please, add any ideas or information which might help toward implementation! More discussion on the talk page.

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  • Bugzilla: Extension 208: API for external access ( SOAP, XML-RPC, REST... )
  • Bugzilla: Bug 471: Basic XML Feed support for watchlist (implementation idea: token)
  • Bugzilla: Bug 3646: Make MediaWiki more RSS friendly
  • Old wikitech threads: 04dec, 05sep

Ideas and hacksEdit

  1. Shinobu claims to have hacked a VB app together accomplishing a similar task at en:User:Gerbrant/WikiCheck (untested).
  2. Any RSS reader with the ability to filter or sort incoming stories with rules would work to cut the global Recent changes feed down to ones you are interested in.
    1. gmailrss combined with gmails filters looks like it will do the trick. Once they are sorted, I can use gmail's RSS feed to monitor stories in my main RSS reader or forward relevant stories wherever.
    2. You can also use Feed Rinse to filter the RSS feed based on keywords you are interested in.
  3. Scrape recentchanges from and parse for topics ( #en.wikipedia, IRC_channels )
  4. Scrape recentchanges from Realtime_recent_changes ... (tool down)
  5. a watchlist RSS feed in PHP, a newer watchlist RSS feed in PHP (using the API rather than scraping)
    1. A variant of the above (the first one) that runs as a command-line script on the local machine. Requires a reader that can subscribe to local scripts (such as NetNewsWire).
  6. IndyGreg's WikiFeeds mediawiki extension (generates: Recent page changes; Newest pages; Recent changes by user; Newest pages by user; Recent changes for articles in a category; per user watchlst)
  7. Another watchlist RSS feed, in Python (Internet Archive copy)
  8. Journowiki has a special page Special:Syndicationfeed which allows category sorting of articles using AND, OR, and NOT to create custom feeds. Provides RSS/Atom.
  9. Watchlist RSS feed could contain HTML button for easy, one-click reverts from within your RSS reader.

Article FeedsEdit

Its surprising to me that there isn't an option to add rss output for any page in wikipedia or am I missing something.

Special:Export already dumps the latest change to XML, but it isn't in an appropriate format for syndication. It's theoretically possible to massage the XML into the RSS or Atom format, though I have not yet seen a working implementation. - jredmond 15:37, 20 January 2006 (UTC)
If you're running your own MediaWiki installation, there is now an extension which provides this facility. See Extension:WikiArticleFeeds ( --Jimbojw 22:49, 28 February 2007 (UTC)
If you go to the history tab of the page, you'll see feed links in the toolbox to the left. Maybe that was implemented after you posted your question. Here's the RSS feed for this page.



  • ''minor=show|hide|only'' - attribute to hide minor changes
    • Recent Changes without minor edits [1]
  • ''lines=X'' Add the first X lines of new articles / diffs for changed articles
  • RSS Feed of my watchlists (This should solve the problem of multiple watchlists in different languages)
  • Topic-based-watchlists. They will be created by feeds based on the links on single pages: FeedRDF.php?pages-that-are-linked-from=List_of_Foos. The merging of different topics can be done outside of the wikipedia-server with blog-techniques.
  • feed of edits by certain users. in order to watch interesting users

(contribs by Nichtich, user:MyRedDice, Here)

  • it would be nice to make an RSS of "wanted pages" to stimulate getting those pages written.
  • changes=X with some non-negative integer X, e.g. changes=0 to allow one just to get the updated field with atom, or changes=1. Hopefully this would speed requests up and put less load on WP when one just wants to get the latest version.
    • Are Entity Tags (eTags) supported on WP? AIUI this would provide similar functionality. Postcodes 11:51, 23 November 2007 (UTC)
  • it would be nice to have an RSS (or better GeoRSS) that provides you with specific data from an article for instance an GeoRSS for cities that can be displayed on a map and provides some basic information like population, population density, hight of city etc.
  • I've noticed that, although many Special: pages offer the possibility to get an RSS feed by adding &feed=rss to the URL, the Special:WhatLinksHere page does not. Is that a bug? is it on purpose? Could it be done?
  • The hidemyself option doesn't work if you use a feed reader that's not logged into your account, but this could be fixed with a simple hidecertainuser, which could be set to your username (or anyone else you don't wanna follow).



  • A public watchlist toggle should be available regardless, (and export OPML, when available)
    • More complexity is possible here
  • Authentication required if watchlists toggled private.
    • With user authentication, or are watchlists to be considered public, so you could show anyone your watchlist?
I thought it was. It seems to be part of the uri standard [2] and then in http it translates that into either the digest or the basic authentification scheemes ( RFC 2617 ). Bawolff 07:07, 11 February 2007 (UTC)


Creating RSS (or other) feeds for the site would mean that thousands of requests would happen on the hour, every hour, driving the site performance further down. --Ilya 20:42, 3 Aug 2004 (UTC)

Creating the feeds from a mirror only should help solving the problem -- Nichtich
Or refresh RSS-feeds at specific intervals for caching(e.g. hourly), and block IP's that request a feed every minute (because it's not nessecary due to the refresh rate).



Wikipedia Watchlist visualization experiment. One square per item of feed. One color per keyword. Feeds are organized in canvas. The last change is in the upper left corner of each matrix. The oldest is down on the right. Contributors and beta-testers welcome (sorry it's in french for the moment)--OlivierAuber 20:10, 9 December 2006 (UTC)

This project is also presented here: Collaborative images--OlivierAuber 22:31, 25 January 2006 (UTC)

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