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Sunni Wikimedia Community offers free membership to all the active and new contributors of Wikipedia of all the Languages. We are currently waiting for more users to join us in our way to establish Wikipedians, that will obviously contribute to Wikipedia.

The members of Sunni Community Wikimedia should add {{User SUCW}} on their User Pages to show their connection with the Community.

How to Join


Add your name in the Members section in the last with # and your username, as the members had already added it. After adding your here, kindly add the code given above. If you’re having problems in joining, contact the community on the Talkpage or you can contact by mail.


  1. QuadriSyedSahab
  2. Naamaalum
  3. KhanQadriRazvi
  4. Rizakmohammad
  5. Affu786tech
  6. Ayesha46
  7. Ansarimransr
  8. Wp masifnoor
  9. TheRebelKhan
  10. Nazir bareilby
  11. Ahmad Kabir Ashrafi
  12. Adilrazavi
  13. Admantine123
  14. Abualsarmad
  15. Zuck28