Sunni Community Wikimedia/Events/January Online Meet

The January Online Meet held on 14th of January 2024. This is the first meeting of 2024 being organised by the Sunni Community Wikimedia. We invited all the new wikimedians, they can joined and had discussions with the community to understand the basics of wikimedia.


  • Welcoming of new members who joined the community.
  • Understanding the key things on Wikipedia.
  • How to keep wikipedia free from vandalism.
  • Research on the Muslim Academia.
  • Research about old books written on Sufi saints.
  • Research on books written by Sufi saints from any particular state, it’ll be chosen in the meet as per the vote of members.
  • Looking over the availability of urdu books on and reading it for the articles.
  • Understanding the necessity of uploading images of Shrines, Mosques, Dargahs, Khanquahs, etc.



The Meet held on Google Meet at 7:00 PM on Sunday (14th January 2024) and it’ll runned till 8:30PM. Times were according to Indian Standard Time.



The section will be made after the meet, let’s see who are present there. If you want you add your name here.



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