Sunni Community Wikimedia/Events/First Zoom Meet

The Members of Sunni Community Wikimedia (SUCW) are going to meet online on Zoom on the 2 December 2023. We are organised it online for the first time, since the Community has been established. Later on, We will organise Offline meet-ups to enhance number of the Wikipedians connected with the Community.



We have some of the objectives given below:

  1. Research about Shrines
  2. Making of List of Dargahs in every district of India.
  3. Data Collection (through mail) List of Dargahs.
  4. Addition of Undone articles at Sunni Community Wikimedia/To Do
  5. Creation of Articles



We let our Members know about the objectives of Sunni Community Wikimedia. They were

  1. QuadriSyedSahab
  2. S. Razvi (not a member now)
  3. Naamaalum
  4. KhanQadriRazvi
  5. Mdsibtainreza1999 (not a member now)
  6. Mr Captain Pathan (not a member now)



Our Upcoming meet has been covered in Journo Mirror