Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2018-20/Working Groups/Partnerships/Recommendations/Q1 R6

Recommendation 6: A single point of entry for partners to engage with WikimediaEdit

Q 1 What is your Recommendation?Edit

That an "easy to use and to navigate" access-point for potential partners who are interested in reaching out to us is considered.  

Q 2-1 What assumptions are you making about the future context that led you to make this Recommendation?Edit

That partners will continue to engage with Wikimedia independently and without solicitation, and that simplifying this will be useful.

Q 2-2 What is your thinking and logic behind this recommendation?Edit

Currently partners find us difficult to interact with and find a point of entry, a single platform would help focus partnerships and give them a way of interacting with our movement.

It would also enable us to focus on a multilingual approach, and standardise some of our responses to partnerships.

Q 3-1 What will change because of the Recommendation?Edit

As opposed to organic relationships based on a range of contacts, partners would be able to interact with Wikimedia in a more formal, consistent way.

Q 5 How does this Recommendation relate to the current structural reality?Edit

Currently partner relationships are somewhat disconnected. Different communities have different approaches or have trouble making themselves known to willing partners.