Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2017/Sources/Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees - Discussion at the Wikimedia Conference

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name of group WMF Board of Trustees
virtual location (page-link) or physical location (city/state/country) Wikimedia Conference 2017, Berlin
Location type (e.g. local wiki, Facebook, in-person discussion, telephone conference) in-person discussion
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Summary for the discussion:

Line Statement (summary sentence) Keywords
1 Position ourselves as a global ecosystem leader (around social justice?). Solve brand confusion. brand
2 Align movement culture & direction culture and direction
3 Broader fundraising and money sourcing (to fund increase in scope and scale) fundraising
4 Integrate, rationalize and potentially extend/broaden the product product
5 Increase a diverse, stable and structured global footprint to build out content, diverse volunteer base, languages, reach footprint
6 Platform and product perspectives platform and product
7 Multi-modality: Different types multi-modality
8 Multi-modality: Platform as a way to allow for different experiences platform
9 Multi-modality: Consumption and generation. WP primarily generated and consumed through the browser. Other ways? consumption of content
10 Multi-modality: When you’re looking for a short fact vs long form information; wikipedia for children (=alexa?). Getting content and knowledge through different devices. Rather than build separate products, structure ourselves to allow multi-product experiences in a much simpler way. devices
11 Inclusivity: Importance of avoiding content, culture and linguistic bias bias
12 Inclusivity: Are we too america-centric? What would try global, diverse, participation and governance look like? Intersectionality america-centrism
13 Participation: Talking about legitimizing legitimization
14 Participation: Historical bias in favor of editors, but much broader perspective. People who may not edit much but are great organizers, etc. example: WikiIndaba. Not much value in doing an edit-a-thon, lot more value in organizing around values of free knowledge, etc. Consider themselves Wikimedians even if they don’t edit much. Internal positioning but also external campaign. bias
15 Participation: Wikimedia as an identity. identity
16 Participation: Lifelong commitment like scouts lifelong commitment
17 Global structure(s) and presence: Internal (movement) and external (partnerships: what are we representing to the world) structure
18 Global structure(s) and presence: We want to be in all those places. Presence allows for translation of content, but also values, programs, etc. presence

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